Tantric Massage Centre

Newly opened tantric massage centre in the heart of Lisbon, TantraYou wants you to enjoy a new form of sacred sexuality. We want to maximize all the potential of healing, transformation and energy expansion within this philosophy of Hindu origin.

Our tantric massages and specialized therapists will create an ideal, exclusive and intimate environment by which you can achieve the total freedom of your feelings and sensations.

What exactly happens in a tantric massage session can be asked by you as we have different massage options and practices to stimulate the flow of your energy. Therefore, you can let yourself go with the softness of TANTRICYOU massage, relax with the sensuality of INTENSEYOU, try a couple massage with FUSIONYOU or enjoy the intensity of the genital massage SHIVAYOU. You can also choose the therapist that you think will suit your energy better.

Through our massage rooms, jacuzzi and wellness spaces, we can assure you that your body will be split from the outside world forwarding to the well being.


Address: Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 31 3C, Saldanha, 1050-010 Lisbon

Telephone: +351 912492664 | +351 211337717

Email: info@tantrayou.com

Website: www.tantrayou.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tantrayoulisbon/