[ENG] Best beaches in Portugal

Publicado a 20/05/19

Here you can find a selection of our favorite places in Lisbon.


Check out here if you want to visit the beaches in Porto area.


Praia 19 (Costa da Caparica)

Most popular gay beach and a must go on every international gay itineraries

Meco (Sesimbra)

Popular with surfers and nudists in different areas of the beach

Praia da NATO/Adiça (Costa de Caparica)

Near Fonte da Telha. Not easy to access

Praia da Ursa (Cabo da Roca)

It is difficult to access, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

Praia da Vigia

South S. Julião beach, near Assafora and Ericeira. Not easy to access


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