Apoema Events

Apoema Events is a Portuguese company, located in Lisbon, specialized in Weddings, with orientation to the LGBT public.

Our consulting services are strictly personalized, supporting all the planning and organization of your day. Always keeping in mind the quality of our services and competitive prices in the market, our goal will always be to please our clients with unique results. Devoid of prejudice, it only brings life, color, and creativity to you, we came to provide quality and excellence services to our customers. As the word APOEMA, is derived from an indigenous word, meaning the ability to see beyond what lies ahead, this is what we are based on and aligned with.

When it comes to our job, we will be willing you to provide with an easy and relaxing monitoring process, supporting you through event coordination and management.

So you can have a smooth ride until the event day we take care of all the boring parts, such as negotiating and managing suppliers, as well as proving coordination of all services and schedule dates so that everything is aligned with the day of the event, leaving you only with the glamorous and fun part.

Phone:  +351 918 781 437

Site: https://www.apoemaevents.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apoemaevents/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apoemaevents/